COVID-2019 Pupdate!

COVID-19 update 3-20-2020
Hello our loyal and supportive fans!
In regards to the lockdown, we would like you to know that we are considered an essential business. We will remain open during this period of time. Please do not panic as we will work with you to get what you need.
We will be broadening our online selection so you can shop from the comfort of your home and pick up your items at the store. We are more than happy to do curbside delivery, assuring you that we are washing our hands prior to and after all curbside deliveries.
Please be aware that some of our distributors are having a hard time keeping up with the recent demand of food. This means that it may take a little longer to get your order in if we do not have it in the store. We want to keep the website to where you can still order your products when things may be out of stock in the store. It will ensure your order goes through and we will get it for you!
We will still be offering dogs for adoption. If you are interested in a pup please call the store and we will facilitate a meeting between yourself and our pup. We are trying to limit the amount of people in the store at any given time so please be respectful of this and only bring immediate family with you to see a puppy.
That being said, we are trying to limit the amount of people in our store at any given time. Please do not come in to window shop, or just to play with a puppy with no intent on adoption at this time. We will kindly ask you to leave. This is for the safety of our staff and our customers. Please understand that in normal circumstances we love when people come to spend time with the animals. Right now we would appreciate if you did not (unless you want to adopt!) until things start to get better. We are trying to stay healthy too! 😊
Our new hours going forward are 10am-6pm Monday through Sunday. We will be open until we are told otherwise.
Call us, we are troubleshooting with you at this point, as this is all new to us too! If you have an idea or something we can do that will put your mind more at ease, please run it past us. We are open to a lot at this point, this is a very scary time for any small business, and we are no exception to that.
We will say it again, please support your local small businesses. Our hearts go out to the our friends that cannot stay open through this, and we want you to know we are here for you ❤️ please help support all of your local businesses during this scary time. On top of the unusual nature of this pandemic they are also on the brink of losing everything they worked so hard for.😔
We appreciate and love you all! We could not do this without you and the outpour of support and donations to us over the past week has been absolutely incredible. It has brought me to tears many times over the past few days. It is people like you who make a difference in times like these. We are all eternally grateful!
All of us at Dog Patch Pet and Feed

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