Dog Patch Fundraiser, Parvo took a Huge Financial Toll on us and We Could Really use Your Help!

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As many of you know we had a few groups of puppies come in with Parvo. Parvo is a virus that can be deadly in unvaccinated and young dogs, and unfortunately when animals come to us they are usually not vaccinated, or not given enough vaccination to protect them yet. It attacks the intestinal tract, making it impossible to absorb nutrients and since there is no cure they can only be provided medical support.


This is Carrots, one of the pups that has been hospitalized with the Parvo Virus. She is currently doing well! 

This medical support adds up tremendously, we can typically financially manage one litter, but when it happens to multiple litters on multiple transports it starts to really hurt us financially. We have had 13 pups need to be hospitalized, and unfortunately we lost 4 of them to this terrible disease 😭. Each pup costs us thousands in support when they have Parvo, especially a strain as nasty as this one was. We have not seen Parvo this bad in years, it was a very hard thing to go through for the staff and the pups.

This is Peas, she is another pup that came to us with Parvo and needed hospitalization


We were all on high alert and have a protocol in place when this happens so we can isolate the sick pups and make sure they are not infecting the others in the store. We dedicate one single person per shift to care for the sick animals and they are not to interact with any of the other animals in the store, as well as using the proper disinfectants inside and outside any time the sick pups go to the bathroom, and clothing changes/ diligent hand washing as well.

This is Timmy and Tommy, they also came in with Parvovirus and needed to be hospitalized. They are both doing very well and will be ready to go to their new homes soon!!

Luckily Many of the pups who were treated have been able to go home since, but again this week we have a pup who came in again with the virus's we have to start all over again. This leaves us with a HUGE financial drain that we will unfortunately not be able to overcome on our own.  All donations made through this fundraiser will go directly to our vet to help with the tremendous bills we have due to this Parvo outbreak. We appreciate all of you, and we cannot do this without your help! You are the best and THANK YOU! 

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Below are Nikki and Minx, they are both recovering from Parvo, and are doing well! 


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