Help Save Dog Patch Fundraiser!

These are rough times. A dismal pandemic has forced most of us in and stuck at home for our own safety. Here at DogPatch, we were put in the position of deciding that stopping our rescue work for the shutdown was best for all concerned. Business has suffered.

We were able to receive help through the PPP and SBA programs. It has kept us alive and my staff paid.

We are, as a country, at a crossroad. Racism, discrimination, overt and more subtle will no longer be tolerated. It’s about time we face this. Hopefully change is coming.

We are left in need. Our mission of helping animals and the community is at risk. We need help.

It’s difficult to ask for help when you’re the one used to offering. But we need it. We cannot offer you a tax deduction as we are not a 501c3. We can offer you our promise that any donation received will find it’s way back to the community. We will continue in our giving ways.

We need money. It’s indelicate but it’s true. A dollar, a bunch, we need your help to keep successfully saving lives.

How can you help?

Repost adoptable animals to spread the word. More eyes = more adoptions

Shop with us. Your spend here saves these dogs and cats.

Donate by helping with our vet bill directly at Naperville Animal Hospital. Call and put money towards our bill. 630-355-5300

Donate on our website.

Donate on our GoFundMe page…

All of your donations will keep us here and thriving. We are caught in an ugly cycle. Our store supports our rescue. Our rescue drives people to the store. We are feeling this. Please help us keep going. We had been averaging one adoption a day for years. Let’s keep it going! We are all in this together!

Thank you,


WE ARE IN AWE OF YOUR RESPONSE. Please share this far and wide! Let’s get us ready for the future of rescue!












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