Thank YOU!

We wanted to take a minute to just give a huge THANK YOU to everyone over the past week!!!!! as of today we officially have no dogs in the store!!! We appreciate everyone who fostered and adopted over the past week to get these animals out of here! We have so much comfort knowing that!

We officially have no dogs or cats at the store! How amazing is that!

We would also like to thank everyone who has donated through our website or ordered a gift card. This helps us more than you know, and helps us keep our doors open so we can keep saving animals after this pandemic settles down. If you would like to make a donation or buy a gift card for a future purchase, please feel free to do so online! It helps so much.

you can donate or purchase a gift card here.

We will officially have a huge selection of our food and treats on our website as of 12am tomorrow. I already added a bunch of our food brands last night, and will do the rest tonight. I will also be adding a lot of the treats we have a great stock on so you can order everything you need online and pick up at the store (we will bring it out to you! Do not worry 😊) We may or may not have what you need immediately but, if we do not we will put it on the next order. Should be able to get it to you within the week as long as our distributors stay minimally affected. I will monitor the situation closely and turn off items if I see problems. 😊

I am not going to be able to upload everything online right now but there will be a lot, so please feel free to call us if there is something you typically get from us but you do not see it there 😊

Again THANK YOU!!!! for all of your generosity we truly have the best customers and followers. We love you and appreciate you all!!!










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