Why am I seeing Cats EVERYWHERE on your site/ Social, and Whats the Deal with "Cat patch"?

What is the Deal with all the "Cat Patch" stuff you ask?

First, who does not like cats? Am I right? They are AMAZING animals! Personally, I have two of my own and have watched many people adopt their new best feline friends over the years. 

But, we also have had some unfortunate circumstances come up with our rescue pups the past two groups we got in. Unfortunately a few of our pups had Parvo, a nasty virus that can be fatal and is nothing to mess with. So we had decided to hold back on our pups until we are 100% sure about their health before they go home.

If you would like to make a donation to offset the HUGE vet bills we have incurred due to Parvo please feel free to make a donation by clicking here. 

In the interim we have been adopting out A TON of cats! We realize that our feline friends are sometimes under-represented and want to take the rest of the week to celebrate our feline alumni, as well as focus on finding the cats we have a new home! So We will be featuring our Feline Alumni and our feline customers all week! 

We really just want to have some fun with this! So if you have awesome pics of your cats that you have adopted from us, or of your cats that are playing or eating (bonus points if its a toy or food you got from the Patch!) send them to brynn@dogpatchpets.com and I will be featuring cats at random throught the rest of the week! 


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