Dog Patch Available Pets!

Here are our animals for adoption! We try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but...

please call the store if there is anyone in particular you are interested in! 

Adoption Process

when you are interested in Adopting from Dog Patch, we make it really easy on you! Come in and spend some time with the animal, fill out an application, and adopt! If you are adopting a dog and have another dog at home they must meet prior to going home. Cats do not require introduction to dogs as it is a process best done at home. 

All Dog Patch Pets come with....

All vet work and age appropriate shots up to date. Spayed and neutered, microchipped, dewormed, flea and tick treated, and heart worm tested if over a year old. 

Cats will also receive a FEluk test 

Adoption Fees

Kittens- $200

Cats over 1yr- $150

Puppies- $450

Small Dogs over 1 year- $350

Large Dogs over 1 year- $250

Senior Dogs (7+) -$250



I am a super sweet somewhat shy kitty that is looking for a quiet nice home to spend my days in! 


*Special Needs Kitty*

Eeagan was sent to the vet on 1-13-2020 to figure out what exactly was happening with his eyes. Naperville Animal Hospital determined that Eegan has a cataract in his right eye and a potential cataract forming in the left eye as well. They observed what looks to be a crack in the left eye lens. These problems are very rare in cats, let alone, kittens. In many cases, this is mainly caused by feline panleukopenia in the mother cat while the kittens are in utero. Feline panleukopenia is a highly contagious viral infection that effects the gastrointestinal, immune, and nervous system in cats. While Eegan does not have this virus, he is certainly reaping the consequences of his mother not receiving proper care. If his cataracts worsen, or the left eye develops any complications, he may need to have surgery to either remove the cataracts or remove the eye itself down the line. He will have trouble with his sight and could eventually be entirely blind. Ultimately it’s hard to see what could happen in the long run being that he is so young but it says in there that he could go fully blind or need the left eye removed. Vet recommended no treatment for right now. Despite all of this, he is a very happy-go-lucky little guy and can lead a very happy life! He is looking for his forever home!

Hamlet and Hanna

Super sweet kittens looking for their forever homes!




 Major, he is a special little guy who needs a special person or family. He is a Terrier through and through, tenacious and loyal these breeds are sometimes a little "too much" for most people. But for those who love the fearlessness and stubbornness that comes with the terrier breeds they see the most fun and loving dogs around! He is about 2+years old and a terrier mix. 


I am a special pup who is looking for my right person. I am not a fan of strangers, so it might take you two or three visits before I am ready to let you hang with me. But let me tell you I am worth it! Will you give me a shot?



8-10 week old male lab mix 

Em, Jason, Freddy, and Abe

9-10 week old lab mix boys!


3-4 month old pitty mix super sweet!



Absolutely adorable 9-10 week old pit mix!


3-4 month old shepherd mix male


A very sweet 5 month old male pit mix.


very sweet female lab mix around 8 months old. 



Toby is a 5 month old male mix. He is a goof and super sweet