Foster Agreement

Dog Patch Pet and Feed Foster Agreement 

This Foster Agreement and Release of Liability (“Agreement”) is made and entered into on this ___ day of _____________, 20___ by and between Dog Patch Pet and Feed and __________________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “Foster Home.” By signing below,Dog Patch and Foster Home acknowledge and agree that Foster Home may foster one or more Dog Patch dogs (hereinafter, “Foster Dogs”) over time, throughout the adoption process for each Foster Dog. The parties understand and agree that the terms and conditions below shall apply to each and every Foster Dog placed with Foster Home, and agree to be bound by the provisions of this Agreement for so long as Foster Home has Foster Dogs in their care. Approval for any of the below terms and conditions must be from Greg Gordon or Sean Davis. Foster Home understands and agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions: 

(1) Foster Home agrees to temporarily house and care for the Dog Patch Foster Dogs placed in their home. Foster Home understands and agrees that Dog Patch is the sole owner of the Foster Dogs until formally placed in an adoptive home, dogs can be adopted by their Foster. 

(2) Foster Home agrees to treat the Foster Dogs in a humane and loving way at all times, and further agrees that Foster Dogs will be properly fed, given water, groomed, exercised and socialized. 

(3) Foster Home agrees to provide Foster Dogs and all personal pets with proper veterinary care as recommended by Dog Patch. This includes, but is not limited to, a monthly Heartworm preventative and flea and tick control medication. Dog Patch agrees to pay for any veterinary care and medication that the Foster Dogs require, provided the medication or veterinary service is approved by Dog Patch prior to treatment. Foster Home understands that all emergency veterinary care and medication also must be approved by Dog Patch before the services or medication is provided. 

(4) Foster Home agrees that all supplies, limited to; Toys, crate, food, bowls, collar and leash, are to be provided by Dog Patch. Any extra supplies not approved prior by Dog patch will be at the Foster Home’s expense. Foster Home agrees to feed Fromm age appropriate dog food, provided by Dog Patch, to foster dogs unless otherwise agreed upon. 

(5) Foster Home agrees that the care, custody and control of the Foster Dogs may not be transferred to any persons other than Foster Home for any reason. If for any reason the Foster Home is unable to continue to house and care for the Foster Dogs, Foster Home will notify Dog Patch immediately and return Foster Dogs to Dog Patch. The Foster Dogs shall not be given away or sold; nor shall the Foster Dogs be adopted without the consent of Dog Patch and an executed Adoption Contract. 

(6) Foster Home agrees that Foster Dogs will reside inside the home, not outside, and that Foster Dogs will be kept in a secure area when not under supervision, to ensure its safety and the safety of your family, your animals and your property. 

(7) Foster Home agrees to ensure that the Foster Dogs wear the Dog Patch identification tags on their collars at all times. 

(8) Foster Home agrees that Foster Dogs will never be allowed off a leash when outdoors, unless they are in a fenced-in area or fenced yard. Foster Home agrees that Foster Dogs will not be placed in dangerous situations, including but not limited to, riding in an open pick-up truck or left unattended in a car. 

(9) Foster Home grants permission for a representative of Dog Patch to visit the Foster Dogs at any time to check the well-being and care of the Foster Dogs. Foster Home agrees that Dog Patch reserves the right to remove the dog from the Foster Home for any reason and without prior notice to Foster Home. 

(10) Foster Home agrees to assess the Foster Dogs and take note of any issues regarding the Foster Dogs’ skin and coat condition, weight, energy level, temperament, and behavior patterns. Foster Home agrees to report any concerns immediately to Dog Patch. 

(11) Foster Home acknowledges and agrees that no representations about the nature, condition or health of the Foster Dogs have induced Foster Home to sign this Agreement. Dog Patch exercises due caution to prevent the transmission of disease. Foster Home understands that because of the circumstances from which many of the rescue dogs come, any dog may carry or could have already been exposed to an infectious disease, which may not be apparent for several days. Foster Home understands that Dog Patch does not warrant or guarantee that the Foster Dogs are healthy or good-natured. Therefore, Foster Home agrees to use due caution when handling the Foster Dogs. Further, Foster Home is fully aware that any dog may bite or cause injury if provoked. 

(12) RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION. Foster Home agrees that Dog Patch is not liable in any way for any injury or damage caused by the Foster Dogs while in Foster Home’s care, custody and control. Foster Home voluntarily agrees to release and indemnify Dog Patch, its officers, directors, members, agents, volunteers, and representatives from any and all actions, claims, and liability resulting from or related to injuries or damage to persons, animals or property caused by or arising from any act or occurrence involving the Foster Dogs while in Foster Home’s care, custody and control, including, without limitation, dog bites, illness or any other actions of Foster Dogs. This release of liability and indemnification provision includes, without limitation, injury or damage to persons and children who come in contact with Foster Dogs while in Foster Home’s care, custody and control; Foster Home’s personal pets and other animals; and potential adoptive parties and their personal pets and other animals. I have read and understand this entire two-page Foster Agreement and Release of Liability and hereby agree to ALL of the above terms and conditions. 

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