Dog Patch Custom 20 oz Wine Glasses

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We are Now offering custom items to purchase! Here you will see the water/ beer/ wine glasses we have to offer, as well as the designs I have made so far. 

If you have another idea for your design please let me know in the comments and I will email you to try and design something to make you what you want 😊


Proceeds from these glasses will go directly to our Rescue Animals and their care! 

When ordering please let me know what design from the photos you would like on your mug and if you would like me to add your pet(s) name(s) on the back of the mug, also let me know their name(s).

Please specify what color you would like your design. (black mug works best with light colors but I will do whatever you like!) 

Also let me know what side you would like the design ex: handle in right hand, design on front names on back, or Handle in left hand design on front names in back 😊

Turn around time for these will vary so please be patient,  I am making these myself for our wonderful customers, I will only allow as many orders as I feel I can do in a timely manner, but will re open orders when I am close to finished with the last sets 😊

They are in store pickup or local delivery only at this time, I will expand to shipping once we figure out the best/ easiest method!